April 2018

Kelsey West, a Lund Opsahl Associate, recently spend the day at Gig Harbor’s Harbor Ridge Middle School, where students in grades 6-8 participated in CAPE, Career and Pathway Expo, an extension of STEM education. Lund Opsahl is passionate about opportunities to support STEM-based education!

Students above explored “Column Creations in Compression,” and “interactively tested theories. What fun!

We’re thrilled to share the news that one of our own, Associate Principal Adam Slivers was a part of a team that contributed to the recently released book on greenhouse gas emissions for the structural engineering community.  Structural Materials and Global Climate can be purchased from ASCE by clicking this link.

Adam’s passion for the integration of sustainable practices in structural engineering offers cutting-edge value to Lund Opsahl projects. He serves on the Sustainability Committee for the Structural Engineering Institute.

Congrats, Adam!