July 2019

The healthcare industry has experienced a need for changes in space, more so than typical offices or mixed-use buildings. DIRTT (Do It Right The First Time) created a proprietary modular wall unit that addresses this need for flexibility. Prefabricated prior to construction, DIRTT modular units allow the owner to quickly remove or modify according to changing needs. Units are customized, and elements such as power, utilities, and medical gas are installed within the hospital-grade walls. Lund Opsahl is structural engineer for two projects utilizing this product at Kirkland’s EvergreenHealth Hospital. For more on this technology, CLCK HERE to see a video on this project.

Lund Opsahl’s Adam Slivers joined daughter Kyla to march in yesterday’s Seattle Pride Parade. Kyla is the first girl in her Cub Scout Pack 80 den. Way to represent, Kyla! We’re proud of you! She was also featured in a photo on arkansasonline.com (Arkansas?!), high-fiving a Star Wars character. Great photo! CLICK HERE.