September 2015Truss and Metal building

Currently were are in the construction administration phase with LMN Architects and Sellen Construction on the Vashon Island Center for the Arts.  Shown in the figure above is the long span timber composite trusses and cold form steel framing in process.  As structural engineers we are keeping a close eye on deflections of the members as the dead loads are applied.

nucor 940425

September 25 was National Steel day, and needless to say for Lund Opsahl, it was a major success.  AISC sponsored LO to a steel code refresher seminar and pizza party.  Then we all rallied for a field trip to Nucor Steel Corporation were we saw firsthand how steel is fabricated from recycled material.  This tour was a hands on excursion starting off with a quick history lesson of the plant.  As we climbed up the structure we witnessed the overhead crane moving about securing the presorted salvaged steel with two large electromagnets dropping the steel off into large castor pods.  The filled pods then traveled into the building to be dumped into the molten kiln vat.  As the pod came near the kiln the lid swung open and the pod explosively dropped the recycled steel into superheated molten vat ignited by AC current induced graphite rods and natural gas.  From there, the molten steel was cast into a constant stream of glowing orange bands that traveled beneath our feet to high speed rolling jigs.  The cast billet was pulled and squeezed through the jigs at a rapid pace down to thin profiles of rebar. What a tour, Nucor is a true testament of the hard work that goes into construction here in the Northwest and America.

Mentoring Group

The Structural Engineers Association of California asked Marjorie Lund to participate in their annual convention as a guest speaker in a Women in Engineering Panel Discussion and as a mentor for the Younger Members Forum shown above.


Guess what Seattle? Optimism Brewery is slated to open in about a month! We can’t wait to show you all the structural detail they have invested in. Shown here is a structural catwalk partially suspended from the existing roof and partially supported by attaching to the existing timber gravity columns.  Bottoms up!

P1030102 2

Picnic 2015

The work ‘ohana spending quality time together at the Lund Opsahl Summer Pa’ina.  Kalbi short ribs was where it was at!