Green Lake Small Craft Center

Replacing an existing 1 story building, the new Green Lake Small Craft Center will provide more storage and programming space for the boating community in North Seattle in an 11,000 SF 2-story wood-framed building. The design process, led by Mithun Design, required a high degree of collaboration to overcome the challenges of poor soils, the site’s proximity to the shoreline, and adjusting the foundation plan to maintain pedestrian access to a nearby path. Working with the city and parks department, Lund Opsahl addressed these issues by designing a unique system of deep foundations built over the abandoned-in-place existing foundations that is supplemented by a permanent shoring wall. The expanded center will give Green Lake Crew and other boating enthusiasts many more opportunities to enjoy the lake’s waterfront.

Renderings Courtesy of Mithun Design

Green Lake Boathouse Construction Time Lapse