Fort Worden, a seismic upgrade and adaptive reuse project in Port Townsend, is on the Architectural Review’s list of finalists for their New Into Old Award. With the specific goal of considering ways to reduce carbon emissions through rethinking old buildings instead of construction new, the biennial award celebrates some of the most impressive adapted and remodeled structures from around the world – other finalists are located as far afield as Thailand, Switzerland, and Iran. The Maker’s Square project is an adaptive reuse of three buildings that were in operation as military bases during the First and Second World Wars, that has been transformed into an arts and education facility with multiple gallery spaces, classrooms, studios, and a radio station in the basement. Structurally, the project consisted of seismic and ADA compliance upgrades on all three buildings, deck space being renovated or newly built, and foundation repair where necessary. The entire project has been rewarding to work on and see come to fruition, and we’re proud to have been part of the team that made this internationally recognized renaissance come to life.