The Newhouse Building Replacement is currently under construction! Our engineers were recently on site to see the new building take shape.

During the visit, Principal Tony Mason and Design Engineer Cindy Liauw signed a steel beam (with Lund Opsahl flair) and saw the hybrid structural system of DLT panels supported by steel frames in place. This hybrid system will result in a warm interior, aligning with Miller Hull’s architectural vision of providing integrated shared spaces where Senators and staff are able to strengthen their relationships.

Sourced in Washington, the DLT panels showcase the local forestry industry and enhance the building’s sustainability.

Newhouse Building Replacement rendering

Newhouse Building Replacement Olympia, WA

A part of Washington’s Legislative Campus Modernization (LCM), the new building replaces a structure originally built in 1934. Constructed with a mass timber and steel superstructure and a precast concrete and glass façade, the structure will hearken back to the neoclassical architecture common on the Washington State Capitol Campus while highlighting a modern design aesthetic.

We are excited to see the next steps in construction take way!