This holiday season, Lund Opsahl participated in Sawhorse Revolution‘s Gingerbread Barn-Raiser event. Fit with all the supplies for an hour of fun-filled creativity, participants were tasked with crafting a culinary construction in this gingerbread design-build competition.

Harnessing our structural engineering prowess, the team took inspiration from recent projects and created a transit station, featuring a cantilevered clock tower with a multi-decker spired steeple, exposed trusses in the main terminal, and ADA parking, all fit to serve the community’s gingerbread bus and lollipop citizens.

Culminating in a bespoke awards ceremony, the Lund Opsahl team won the “Pigeon’s Paradise” award, for our innovative exposed trusses. The event ended with a few words from Sawhorse Revolution and an auction, with all proceeds going towards their vital programming and operations.

We loved being able to support Sawhorse Revolution’s mission to foster confident, community-oriented youth through the power of carpentry and craft! Our team had tons of fun during this night of icing innovations and gingerbread glory. Check out a few of our action highlights.

Sawhorse Revolution is always looking for support! Head to their website to see what you can do to get involved!