To celebrate Women’s History Month, we highlighted the incredible women of Lund Opsahl who continuously redefine what it means to be in this industry. Here, we recap their answers.

Amy Kuo

Day to day, I don’t really think about being a woman in engineering, and I think that’s how you should approach it. Ideally, it shouldn’t make a difference, but it does.

I do think one of the problems in the industry, no matter who you are, is that there’s a subconscious “thing” where people prefer others who are like themselves, whether it’s physical or personality wise.

Diane Genson

I’ve always been kind of an odd duck, so I like trailblazing,

I feel proud to be a part of it. I want to help grow the culture, let girls know early on that this industry is something that they can look into, and that there are more aspects than just engineering.

Alissa Capuano

I definitely take pride in it. I love telling people that I’m an engineer.

I do know some firms not like Lund Opsahl, where there very much is bro culture, but I have never felt that here. Here, it feels like I belong. Gender is kind of on the sideline, and that’s ideal.

Melissa Dario

I feel like the expectation is to say,” it’s so great, I love being in engineering.” But the reality that I’ve experienced is that, in the industry as a whole, women are the minority.

The industry is still growing in that way and becoming more welcoming to women, and I’m happy to be a part of that but I do wish it would come around a little faster.

Madeline Phillips

I was lucky that the barrier to entry to the industry is a lot less than it has previously been, and I want to keep that trend going and be a mentor to future engineers.

I think the importance of having women in the industry in general is to bring a variety of experiences and outlooks on life, and that doesn’t go for just women, it goes for all minority groups within the industry.

Julie Kerlin

I think it’s especially rewarding being on a team and a firm where there’s quite a few women.

My department is led by women, and that makes me feel more capable of leading. I don’t know if my confidence would have grown as much without women leading the way within the company.