Hosted in celebration Women’s History Month, the office gathered in reflection and celebration at our “Women in A&E” Q&A panel. We listened and learned to a remarkable panel of industry leaders including Lavina Sadwhani, Seneca Group Principal, Mary Jo Lux, SWL Architects Principal, and our very own founder Marjorie Lund. These leaders discussed their careers, their challenges and proudest moments, and experiences shaping and growing the A&E industry.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
    The panelists emphasized the importance of becoming comfortable with uncertainty and adapting to the unexpected. Mary Jo Lux cited numerous instances in her career where she had to think on her feet and respond in the moment, and how as she progressed in her career, she encountered even more of these situations.
  2. Engage! Mentor and ask for more!
    In the A&E industry, women currently represent only 26% of the workforce. During her time as a structural engineer, Lavina Sadwhani recognized the disproportionate number of men in leadership positions compared to women and highlighted how important mentorship was for allowing younger women engineers to see themselves represented further along in their careers. Lavina also emphasized the importance of engaging in gender equity initiatives and expressing to your company and community that these initiative matter to you. The panelists agreed that active engagement, regardless of your background, is the way we move forward as an industry.
  3. Be proud of your accomplishments.
    Marjorie Lund, drawing upon her extensive 40-year career, reflected on the importance of taking moments to step back and appreciate one’s journey. Among her proudest career achievements was looking back and seeing Lund Opsahl evolve into something far greater than she had initially envisioned.

Happy hour and networking followed the discussion, giving attendees a chance to connect with panelists and amongst themselves.

Happy Women’s History Month and thank you to our remarkable panelists for joining us and sharing their wisdom. Read more stories from the women that are continuing to shape Lund Opsahl and the industry here.